Rotary Kiln for Waste Incineration

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Introduction :

  • Rotary incinerator is a widely used incineration equipment in the field of international industrial waste treatment, its market share in the field of industrial waste incineration is really high, As a specific area for burning hazardous wastes , the rotary incinerator has wide adaptability to complex industrial waste and medical waste, and it’s stable and convenient to operate, of course, the equipment maintenance is simple, and so on. Therefore, it is the most widely used in the field of international hazardous waste incineration. It is a reliable and effective means to realize the harmless, reduction and recycling of wastes.
  • Rotary kiln incinerator is usually used to burn pretreated and homogenized waste that requires size reduction, shredding, and manual sorting. The system consists of a burning layer of waste in a rotating cylinder.

Our Advantage :

  • Low cost: High temperature material contact refractory material. Replacing lining is convenient;
  • The driving mechanism is simple: The drive mechanism is in the kiln housing. the equipment maintenance is easy.;
  • Ensure that harmful gases do not leak: Good sealing measures and furnace negative pressure.
  • Easy to operate and maintain: Equipment running rate is high. The annual operation rate is generally 90%.
  • Adaptability to incineration: Solid waste ,liquid, colloid, and gas can be incinerated simultaneously.
  • High heat utilization rate: The material was churned forward. The three heat transfer modes coexist in one furnace.
  • Combining patented technology: The traditional two combustion chamber is evolved into a two combustion furnace. The burnout rate of ash is improved. The combustion efficiency of rotary kiln is improved. At the same time, it has the functions of slag discharging at normal temperature, crushing slag and sealing, locking air, etc.

Structure :

  • There are 2 to 3 fulcrums on kiln. It is easy to ensure the contact surface of rollers and kiln tires parallel to the cylinder axis during installing;
  • There are specific gap between the tire and cylinder. It strengthens the cylinder by confining tires after thermal expansion;
  • The supports use rolling bearing which simplified bearing structure. It reduces energy losses during Kiln operation and makes it easier to maintain and repair;
  • In order to convenient installation and commissioning, there is a kiln slow rotating devices to maintain kiln nonconventional running operation while main transmission system is under overhaul or other abnormal conditions which can occur cylinder bending and deformation during the cooling process.
  • The kiln uses mechanical or hydraulic catching wheels. They are high accuracy and reliability. The ridding rollers and tires are evenly wearing on the entire width direction and are handy adjustment.;
  • The kiln head and tail uses elastic flake radial contact sealing. It can fit the cylinder shape inaccurate and kiln deflection & axial movement. It has better sealing performance and reliability, longer service life and convenient replacement.


Capacity 2.0-34(t/h)
Application It is widely used in the field of industrial waste, medical waste, municipal solid waste, and so on.
Applicable material Hazardous waste, sludge waste, oily sludge, industrial waste, PVC material, municipal waste, and so on.

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Product Code 1.6x32m-4.7x72m
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