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Magnesium reduction furnace is processed furnace with production of crude magnesium, in accordance with the mature design of the Pigeon production. In the heating system, with energy saving and high efficient regenerative combustion technology, it reduces costs and improves productivity. Reduction furnace for high pollution and high energy consumption in the metal magnesium smelting, is carrying out the development of energy saving and environmental protection "HTAC horizontal magnesium reduction system "aiming at resolving the problem of energy saving magnesium reduction process.

It has many advantages as follows :

  • Modern environmental protection and energy saving
  • The high content of science and technology
  • Advanced control methods
  • It widely applies to magnesium metal production lines and other industries. Applicable materials: cement, lime and others.


Temperature of Furnace 1200℃~1250℃
Max air consumption 1400nm^3/h
Control mode DCS or PLC
Application Magnesium production line
Temperature of air, gas preheating ≥1000℃
Deviation of furnace temperature ≤18℃
Value of fuel low heating 1250×4.18 kj/nm^3
Maximum fuel consumption 1150nm^3/h
Standard speed of furnace ≤30min
Temperature of exhaust gas <150℃
Service life of Valve(year) ≥5