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Introduction :

  • Line vibrating screen(line screen), as new-style sieving equipments with high efficiency, is widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory material, light industry and chemical industry etc. Line vibrating screen(line screen) also can sieve and classify the powdery and granulating materials, so it is widely used in plastics, abrasive.
  • Linear vibrating screen has a unique effect on powdery, granular materials selection and classification. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metal, metallurgy, mining and other industries.
  • Chemical industry : Fertilizers, urea, petroleum coke, resins, paints, cosmetics, paints and so on.
  • The pharmaceutical industry: industrial chemicals, the powder particles pills, pellets, etc.
  • Food industry : Soy, chestnut, small steamed bread, spices, sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soy milk, egg, soy sauce, fruit juice.
  • Metals, mining metallurgy : aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, powder electrodes, manganese dioxide, copper powder, magnetic power, abrasives, refractory, kaolin, limestone, alumina, heavy carbon acid calcium, quartz sand.
  • Other industries : Plastics, abrasives, activated carbon, carbon, building materials industry.

Our Advantage :

  • Sieve machine design, ingenious and easy to assemble, one person can operate the screening machine.
  • Independent and other related brand manufacturers, compared with a larger screen area and high efficiency of processing capacity.
  • Unique screen structure design, convenient and fast change screen (only 3 to 5 minutes), in addition, this design allows the use of a variety of screen (nylon, special dragon, PP nets).
  • The parent network to fully support the fine mesh, so fine mesh scored a longer life, and reduce the supplies of fine mesh, the production process and the long time can reduce a lot of cost.


Sieve layer 1-4
Feeding size <=300(mm)
Capacity 10-600(t/h)

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