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Introduction :

  • Fly Ash Dryer can dry fly ash from moisture content 45% to about 8% in large quantity directly. After being dried, fly ash can be used as raw material in cement and concrete.
  • Fly ash dryer will wet ash from the conveyor into horizontal rotary crushing and cutting machine, in order to prevent the bulk material enters the drying cylinder affects the drying effect, the crushed material is then sent to a drying drum, a lot of copy plate cylinder, arranged as a spiral, by rotating the copy board materials will not stop throw up, Yangsa belt pneumatic cylinder, and the cylinder wall again beating device materials are broken up, the material flow is fully contacted with afferent by induced draft fan system of the heat, heat exchange, evaporation, drying, discharged from the discharge port, discharging dust moisture after dedusting equipment unified dust. Fly ash dryer -- energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection.
  • Fly ash dryer from ZK CORP can dry the wet fly ash from moisture content 45% to about 8% in large quantity directly.

Our Advantage :

  • Low outlet temperature, long lifetime of dust cleaning system;
  • Adopt new type lifting boards, and the output moisture content can be adjusted as customer's demand;
  • High drying efficiency, big capacity, high running rate;
  • Broad fuel choice : Coal, diesel, natural gas, waste wood, etc.


Length of Outer Cylinder 1-3.6m
Capacity 1-40(t/h)
Applied Material Fly Ash,Clay,Coal
Application Cement Industry, Coal Mine

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Set(s)