Ceramic Vacuum Filter

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Introduction :
Ceramic vacuum filter is a new model high-effect, saving-energy filter equipment, which is gather the power ,microporous ceramic and ultrasonic technology together ,depending on vacuum absorbing and microporous ceramic disc to come true the separation of liquid and solid.It’s widely to use industry such as mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection broadly.
Characteristics :

  • High vacuum (vacuum degree-0.09~-0.098MPa), low moisture of filter disc.
  • Solid content of filter liquid<50ppm, which can be recycle use in the system and reduce discharge.
  • Energy saving can be reach to 90%compare to traditional filter equipment, low power consumption, low operation cost.
  • Filter disc cleaning system is added, which is fit for the material needs to be washed.
  • PLC and computer integrate with automatic valve control, high degree of automation reduces labor intensity.
  • Compact structure, cover an small area , easy installation and maintenance.
  • Advanced drainage system ensures application in any operating conditions.


Filter Disc(Ring) 1-25
Moving Power/KW 2.5-17
Cubage of Groove/M3 0.21-24
Application Ore Dressing