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Introduction :

  • Cement rotary kiln is used for calcination clinker from limestone, clay etc to produce cement. To achieve consistent quality results, it is important to maintain a uniform product temperature at the kiln entry, mid zone, and discharge.
  • Cement is a kind of fine grinding material. After adding appropriate amount of water, it becomes plasticity slurry. The slurry can be hardened in the air and in water (must reach some certain strength after hardening), and it is kind of hydraulic cementing material that can firmly cemented sand and stone together and have other properties.
  • Cement rotary kiln is used for calcination clinker from limestone, clay etc to produce cement. Cement production should go through "two grinding process and one burning process" (that is raw material grinding system, clinker calcining system and cement grinding system). Among them, clinker calcining system is a thermal process that burned cement raw meal into cement clinker at high temperature, which is an extremely important key stage in cement production. We supply complete of equipment for 50-3000tpd cement production line.

According to the different production processes of the clinker calcining system, it has the following types :

  • Dry-Process Rotary Kiln System(100tpd~300tpd)
  • Suspended Cyclone Preheater & Kiln System(300tpd~700tpd)
  • Kiln External Decomposition System(700tpd~3000tpd)

Dry-Process Rotary Kiln System is mainly composed of rotary kiln, cooler, pulverized coal injection system and fan with gas flow droven and chimney.
The raw meal is added from the cold end(kiln inlet), due to the inclined placement and rotation of the rotary kiln shell, raw meal powder becomes cement clinker by a series of physical chemical reactions at the highest firing temperature of 1400   ℃ in rotary kiln. Then the cement is discharged from hot end(kiln end) and enters into cooler for cooling.

Our Advantage :

  • Cement rotary kiln adopts adjustable speed driving with high efficient and low power consumption.
  • The fuel consumption of unit product is low and large capacity.
  • Stable mechanical performance and transmission, accurate speed control and easy control the calcination temperature.

Structure :

  • Support device : Advanced shaft structure, automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating device.
  • Catch wheel : Including mechanical wheel and hydraulic pressure catch wheel.
  • Gears : Single or double. The rotating speed is controlled by regulating motor, DC motor or variable frequency and speed regulation motor. Be reliable, energy-saving and efficient.
  • Cylinder tyre bolster : Lower bolster has three types - fixed, zoom and floating. Its structure is simple, replacement is convenient and it won’t hurt cylinder when it needs a change.
  • Sealing equipment : There are many kinds for choice according to kiln models, including air cylinder edge sealing, spring edge sealing, graphite block sealing and combination for above. The feature is adaptive for cylinder rotating and swing. And sealing effect is very good.
  • Kiln head hood : Including stationary type and flexible type.


Production Capacity 180-3000(t/d)
Application Range Calcining cement clinker

Additional Information

Product Code Φ2.5×40-Φ4.3×60
Port QingDao,ShangHai,TianJin