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Introduction :

  • Bag filter is a kind of dry dust filtration device. Our company can provide design, manufacture, and installation one-stop service for bag filter. Our product range mainly include bag filter, single bag filter, pulse bag filter, mechanical reverse air bag filter, wet bag filter and bag filter parts.
  • A bag filter, baghouse or fabric filter is an air pollution control device and dust collector that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation. It is widely used in cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, power plants, and refractory industries, especially for dust collection system, such as crushing, packaging, warehouse, clinker cooler and various grinding mill in cement plant.
  • Bag Filter are classified by the cleaning method used. The three most common types of baghouses are mechanical shakers, reverse gas, and pulse jet. 

Our company can provide design, manufacture, and installation one-stop service for bag filter. Our bag filter models mainly include ZM Series Single Pulse Bag Filter, PPC Series Pulse Bag Filter, ZL Series Long Bag Pulse Dust Filter, UF Series Mechnical Vibration Bag Filter, GD Horizontal Electrostatic Dust Collector etc.

Our Advantage :

  • Reliable design ensures the bag filter stable and long-term operation with the other main equipment and little maintenance.
  • Optimized duct design will be in favor of uniform air distribution.
  • Air leakage prevention design ensures the lowest air leak rate for the bag filter.
  • Steel sub-structure design, which would be easy for transport and installation of the equipment.
  • Low operating costs. Optimized design of process parameters is conducive to efficient and stable operation of the bag filter with low resistance, reducing energy consumption, as well as the loss of the bag.

Bag filter is consist of holder, ash bucket, the middle cabinet, the upper part cabinet, bag, frame, jet cleaning device and PLC control procedures and other components. The middle cabinet has sub-chamber structure. Dusty gas goes through collecting tube achieving to each ash bucket.


Volume(m³/h) 6000 -54000(m³/h)
Filter area 100-450(m2)
Bag size 100-200(mm)
Cleaning Mode On-line Ash Cleaning